Ville Leppänen

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In this paper, we introduce the DebtFlag tool for capturing, tracking and resolving technical debt in software projects. DebtFlag integrates into the development environment and provides developers with lightweight documentation tools to capture technical debt and link them to corresponding parts in the implementation. During continued development these(More)
Consider a system-on-chip platform realized around the concept of segmented bus structure. The bus is segmented in such a way that modules connected to a particular segment of the bus can communicate in parallel with the data transfer operations going on in the other segments. Given the frequency of data transfer operations between the modules, our task is(More)
A major reason for the popularity of agile and lean software methods is their capability to function in resource scarce and requirement erratic environments. Both of these characteristics cause accumulation of technical debt, something that is the end result of either intentional or unintentional decisions. The ability of these methods to function with(More)
We analyze the complexity of simulating a PRAM (parallel random access machine) on a mesh structured distributed memory machine. By utilizing suitable algorithms for randomized hashing, routing in a mesh, and sorting in a mesh, we prove that simulation of a PRAM on p N p N (or 3 p N 3 p N 3 p N) mesh is possible with O(p N) (respectively O(3 p N)) delay(More)
As the web pages today rely on Ajax and JavaScript, a larger attack surface becomes available. This paper presents in detail several different man-in-the-browser attacks against Ajax applications. We implemented browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox to demonstrate these attacks and their effectiveness. Some countermeasures to mitigate the problem are also(More)
A software defect that exposes a software system to a cyber security attack is known as a software vulnerability. A software security exploit is an engineered software solution that successfully exploits the vulnerability. Exploits are used to break into computer systems, but exploits are currently used also for security testing, security analytics,(More)
For code quality control, there exists tens of object- oriented (OO) metrics on class cohesion and coupling. This abundant variety indicates that designing feasible metrics to differentiate good object-oriented programs from bad ones is not an easy task. Even worse, in practice OO cohesion metrics have a minor role in code reviews. In this paper we argue(More)
Cloud computing is a wide-spread technology that enables the enterprises to provide services to their customers with a lower cost, higher performance, better availability and scalability. However, privacy and security in cloud computing has always been a major challenge to service providers and a concern to its users. Trusted computing has led its way in(More)