Ville Koskinen

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Striatal dopamine receptors were studied in 44 patients with Parkinson disease by the radioligand-binding technique using 3H-spiroperidol. The specific binding of 3H-spiroperidol was either significantly increased or reduced in the caudate nucleus and putamen of parkinsonian patients without levodopa therapy. Scatchard analysis showed that there were(More)
We describe a web-site containing material and tools for learning mathematical models of negotiation analysis and discuss students' experiences of its use. The site is part of our general e-learning decision making site, The negotiation analysis section provides an introduction to the theory and gives online practice in negotiation support.(More)
Brain enkephalin receptors were studied in post-mortem brain samples of 27 patients with Parkinson's disease and of 26 control subjects without extrapyramidal disorders by the radioligand-binding technique using 3H-leu-enkephalin, 3H-met-enkephalin and 3H-naloxone. The specific binding of both 3H-leu- and 3H-met-enkephalins was significantly increased in(More)
We present a versatile user-friendly software tool, PolyAlign, for the alignment of multiple LC-MS signal maps with the option of manual landmark setting or automated alignment. One of the spectral images is selected as a reference map, and after manually setting the landmarks, the program warps the images using either polynomial or Hermite transformation.(More)
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