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In this paper, we present a LEGO-based Scrum simulation game that we used twice with Master’s level students at Aalto University. The game was initially developed as an internal training tool in F-Secure Corporation, a Finnish security software company, to support their agile adoption. In the game, student teams learn the Scrum roles, events and(More)
Scrum-of-Scrums meeting is mentioned in the literature as the mech- anism for handling inter-team coordination in large-scale Scrum. However, how to implement it in projects with tens of teams is not explained. In this paper, we present a multiple case study on how Scrum-of-Scrum meetings were applied in two large-scale, globally distributed Scrum projects(More)
A way to scale up agile release planning to meet the requirements of multi-team agile development is a practice called joint release planning. A software product company piloted the joint release planning method. The aim of the company was to improve coordination of work of multiple agile development teams who develop a large legacy software product.(More)
1. RQ: What was the release planning process? 2. RQ: What were the challenges related to the release planning process? 3. RQ: What were the benefits of the continous release planning process? Feature team Feature team Feature team Feature team Technical product area Technical product area Developmen Scrum team Developmen Scrum team Developmen Scrum team(More)