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AIM To determine the main clinical and genetic factors having impact on early coronary stent thrombosis. MATERIALS & METHODS Genotyping of CYP2C19*2, *17 and CYP4F2*3 in patients with (n = 31) and without stent thrombosis (n = 456) was performed. Clinical and genetic data were analyzed by binary logistic regression. RESULTS Smoking (OR: 0.317; 95% CI:(More)
Acute myocardial infarction is one of the major causes of mortality worldwide. For regeneration of the rabbit heart after experimentally induced infarction we used autologous skeletal myoblasts (SMs) due to their high proliferative potential, resistance to ischaemia and absence of immunological and ethical concerns. The cells were characterized with(More)
Dual antiplatelet therapy with aspirin and clopidogrel is used to lower the risk of arterial thrombosis. However, this strategy is not always successful owing to high interindividual variability in response to antiplatelet therapy. To evaluate an impact of CYP2C19 G681A and CYP4F2 G1347A polymorphisms and clinical factors on dual antiplatelet effect of(More)
OBJECTIVE Data on the impact of PAI-1-675 4G/5G genotype for fibrinolysis during myocardial infarction are inconsistent. The aim of our study was to evaluate the association of clinical and genetic (PAI-1-675 4G/5G polymorphism) factors with coronary artery occlusion in patients with myocardial infarction. MATERIALS AND METHODS PAI-1-675 4G/5G detection(More)
: The aim of the current study was to evaluate the impact of CYP2C192 (rs4244285), CYP4F23 (rs2108622), and nongenetic factors on platelet aggregation and to investigate the mechanism of CYP4F2's effect on platelet aggregation in the patients treated with dual antiplatelet therapy. A total of 146 patients were included in this study. Ticagrelor or(More)
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