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We present a model and semiparametric estimation procedures for analysis of survival data with cross-effects (CE) of survival functions. Finite sample properties of the estimators are analyzed by simulation. A goodness-of-fit test for the proportional hazards model against the CE model is proposed. The well known data concerning effects of chemotherapy and(More)
The two and k-sample tests of equality of the survival distributions against the alternatives including cross-effects of survival functions, proportional and monotone hazard ratios, are given for the right censored data. The asymptotic power against approaching alternatives is investigated. The tests are applied to the well known chemio and radio therapy(More)
& Conclusions-Applications of the additive accumulation of damages (AAD) or the accelerated failure time (AFT) and the proportional hazards (PH) models in accelerated life testing with step-stresses are discussed. A new model including both of them is proposed. It is more natural then PH model and wider then the AAD model. Maximum likelihood function(More)
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