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This paper includes a contribution to explaining category theory using software engineering tasks and vice versa. First, basics of category theory are presented. A couple of examples follow including definitions of categories for web services and/or ones that use 2D/3D points as objects and computer graphics transformations as morphisms. Another category is(More)
Solving the problems by computers we always start with formulation of their theoretical foundations. We use necessary mathematical theories and reason in them to obtain expected results. In this contribution we assume a theoretical description of programming process as logical reasoning over axiomatized theories. We consider intuitionistic logical reasoning(More)
  • V. Slodicak
  • 2008 6th International Symposium on Applied…
  • 2008
In the contribution presented we deal with one method of stochastic programming - probabilistic programming. Probabilistic programming is a method of stochastic programming in which the probabilities of the values of the variables are of interest. Our approach is that scientific problem solving we can construct in logical reasoning over some mathematical(More)