Vili Jussila

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In August 1998, an outbreak of campylobacteriosis occurred in one municipality in northern Finland. A 10% random sample of residents (population 15 000) was selected through the National Population Registry for a survey conducted by using postal questionnaires. Cases were defined as residents of the municipality with onset of acute gastroenteritis from 1 to(More)
We have constructed an audio-visual text-to-speech synthesizer for Finnish by combining a facial model with an acoustic speech synthesizer. The quality of the visual speech synthesizer has been evaluated twice. In addition, we have started to refine the facial model taking a more physiologically and anatomically based approach. The synthesizer will be used(More)
We have constructed a dynamic face model, which is based on the anatomical structures of a real face. Accurate head geometry was obtained from Magnetic Resonance Images (MRIs). An image segmentation program was used to convert the volumetric MRI data to a polygonal representation of the head. The most detailed models we have used have contained(More)
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