Vilho Räisänen

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Even though service-orientation has been widely applied, there still is a lack of systematic and tool independent development methods. Partly due to that, little attention has been paid to accounting for variation. When developing a service-based system, it is important to identify which types of variation are relevant for the project and when is the right(More)
Mobile networks are managed by means of operations support systems (OSS) which facilitate performance, fault, and configuration management. Network complexity is increasing due to the heterogeneity of cell types, devices, and applications. Characterization and configuration of networks optimally in such a scenario is challenging task. This paper introduces(More)
Network management activities, such as fault analysis and configuration management, are eventually related to changes in network measurements. Some measurement event might be either a trigger or objective of a management activity. We argue that sharing the semantics of performance data across networks provides a basis for more advanced automation. This(More)
This paper introduces a framework and implementation of a cognitive self-healing system for fault detection and compensation in future mobile networks. Performance monitoring for failure identification is based on anomaly analysis, which is a combination of the nearest neighbor anomaly scoring and statistical profiling. Case-based reasoning algorithm is(More)