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Heavy metal pollution and acid drainage from the abandoned Balya Pb-Zn sulfide Mine, NW Anatolia,Turkey
This study was conducted to determine the effects of the waste-rock dump (WRD) of the underground polymetallic Balya Mine on the Kocacay River and eventually on Lake Manyas in Turkey. Data presentedExpand
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A study on the characteristics of some opals from Turkey
The mineralogical characteristics of some Turkish opal-CTs collected from West and Middle Anatolia were studied. They are originated from Eocene to Upper Miocene aged volcanic-sedimentary formations.Expand
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Possible waterways between the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea in the late Quaternary: evidence from ostracod and foraminifer assemblages in lakes İznik and Sapanca, Turkey
In this study, the fossil microfaunal composition of 28 Recent sediment samples from Lake İznik and 19 samples from Lake Sapanca was investigated. The presence of at least ten marine ostracod and 23Expand
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Ceramic properties of kaolinized tuffaceous rocks in Kesan region, Thrace, NW Turkey
Abstract The Kesan–Karlikoy kaolin occurrence is located in the SW Thrace (Turkey) and was formed by the alteration of tuffaceous rocks. The tuff and tuffaceous units are made up of (1) bentonite,Expand
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Zeolitization of Tuffaceous Rocks in the Keşan Region, Thrace, Turkey
A 33 metre thick pyroclastic-rich zone of the Mezardere formation of Oligocene age is exposed in the Kesan region of Thrace, Turkey. In this zone, vitreous tuffs of dacitic composition have alteredExpand
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The Comparison of Ordering in Opal Structure in Two Different Bentonite Occurrences
The geological and chemical compositional heterogeneties of the two different types of bentonite occurrence, from the Hoylu and Caltumar areas in Fatsa of Ordu province (NE Turkey), were discussed inExpand
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