Vilas M. Salokhe

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Crop growth and weed infestation in a soybean field were monitored by processing low altitude remote sensing (LARS) images taken from crane-mounted and unmanned radio controlled helicopter-mounted platforms. Images were taken for comparison between true color (R–G–B) and color-infrared (NIR) digital cameras acquired at different heights above ground. All(More)
This paper reports on several research findings on rice root responses, in terms of growth and physiology, manifested when applying System of Rice Intensification water management principles under semi-field and field conditions, in conjunction with variations in plant density and microbial density in the soil. The research aimed to learn about causal(More)
An investigation was conducted to determine the static strength and physical work capacity of Thai agricultural labourers. Ten male and 10 female subjects, were randomly selected from the two provinces of the central plain of Thailand. The anthropometry of these labourers was determined by taking 42 body dimensions. During the static strength evaluation,(More)
In developing countries with small and medium farm holdings, satellite-based remote sensing is found unsuitable for precision agriculture technology adoption, due to low spatial and high temporal resolution of imagery. Image acquisition system mounted on unmanned helicopter platforms can provide user-specified and near-real time images for quick assessment(More)
Generally it is not customary to have a nutrient recycling system for the tropical poly-net greenhouses. The main reason is the cost involved. However, due to recent growing environmental concerns, efforts were made in this study to develop a simple but effective nutrient recycling system. Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill., var. FMTT-260) plants were(More)
An investigation was conducted to determine the physical workload on agricultural workers during selected farm operations in paddy fields in Thailand. Four male and four female agricultural workers were randomly selected. Four common farm operations, i.e. ploughing, planting, weeding and harvesting, were selected. The physical responses in terms of heart(More)
For the design of farm machinery, body dimension data is essential. There are little such anthropometric data available on agricultural laborers from developing countries. This research, therefore, aimed to collect anthropometric data of agricultural laborers in selected parts of Thailand. Forty-four physical dimensions of both 50 men and 50 women(More)
An investigation on the effect of the use of nets with different mesh-sizes on the internal microclimate and ventilation rate in greenhouses located on the humid tropics was carried out. Three greenhouses (each measuring 10 m wide × 20 m long) were constructed and covered with a plastic film on the roof, and different insect proof nets on the sidewalls,(More)
Agriculture plays an important role in developing countries which are mainly located in tropical regions. Agriculture is an industry with tremendous opportunities for the application of ergonomics principles. Working conditions are extremely difficult due to severe environmental conditions, long working hours, strenuous work and the use of mobile equipment.(More)
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