Viktorija Dragojevic Simic

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Results obtained in vitro suggested that fullerenol's antiproliferative properties and protective effects against doxorubicin (DOX) cytotoxicity are mediated by antioxidative and hydroxyl radical scavenger activity. The aim of this study was to examine the influence of fullerenol on acute cardiotoxicity after the administration of a single high dose of DOX(More)
In earlier in vitro investigations, fullerenol was shown to have a strong antioxidative capability. The present study examined the role of fullerenol as a potential antioxidative protector for doxorubicin-induced oxidative stress in the blood of rats through an investigation of the activity of glutathione-dependent enzymes (glutathione-S-transferase and(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the protective effect of fullerenol C60(OH)24 in various doses, on lipid peroxidation of rat’s kidneys, testes and lungs after application of doxorubicin. The experiment was performed on healthy male Wistar rats. The animals were randomly divided into five experimental groups and treated with saline (0.9 % NaCl i.v.),(More)
PURPOSE The aim of our study was to find drug-associated changes in serum levels of major electrolytes using clinical-event monitoring method. METHODS During 1-year period, electrolyte disturbances in serum samples from patients of Clinical Center Kragujevac, Serbia, were monitored in central biochemical facility. A sample of 982 patients was randomly(More)
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