Viktorija Cucić

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The aim of this cross-sectional study was to analyze differences between Roma and non-Roma sex workers (SWs) according to their HIV/AIDS risk behaviors. In this study 91 Roma and 100 non-Roma SWs were included. They offered sex services at Belgrade hot spots during the period 2006-2007. Roma SW were significantly younger and with lower education and they(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the perceptions and attitudes of health professionals toward violence against women in intimate relationships, and to discuss them as opportunities and barriers for improving health professionals' response. METHODS Six focus groups were conducted with 71 health professionals employed in the public primary(More)
Prevention of AIDS is very complex and requires, apart from basic knowledge about modes of transmission and protection, individual awareness of personal risk of infection and modification of one's risky behavior. Perception of risk has been suggested as an important element of sexual behavior change among people who engage in behaviors that place them at(More)
Objectives: To determine the possible factors associated with adolescent substance use in a country having recently experienced war. Methods: The survey applied the World Health Organization research protocol for cross-national survey – HBSC: a cross-sectional study among 1540 15-year old adolescents in Belgrade was conducted. The research instrument was a(More)
Published evidence of the actual efforts for the development of mechanism for the quality assessment and assurance of perinatal care in the USA, Belgium, Netherlands and West Germany is presented. The choice of countries was determined by the availability of evidence. Despite known differences in the health care systems, every country developing mechanisms(More)