Viktoria Ovchinnikova

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Topological Functioning Modeling for Model Driven Architecture (TFM4MDA) is an approach for software development starting from formal domain models. We plan to enhance TFM4MDA with reverse engineering principles in order to decrease a number of errors during software migration to other platforms or integration with other systems. TFM4MDA foresees the(More)
System behaviour usually is modelled with logical operators and triggering conditions on control flows between processes, activities, tasks, or events. This allows branching control flows in order to increase model comprehensibility. In case of Topological Functioning Model (TFM), where system's functionality is represented by causal relations among(More)
The radiochemical yield of [32P]fotrin with specific activity 5-10 ~Ci/g was 20-30%. [S2P]Fotrin was identified by the method of thin-layer chromatography on the sorbent Kieselgel I from Merck or on Silufol plates in the system methanol--acetone (i:I). The Rf values of [32P]fotrin and a known to be pure sample of nonradioactive fotrin coincided and were(More)
the tonic inhibitory response and the inhibitory action of GABA on the membrane of the pyramids of the hippocampus, we can assume that the basket cells, the mediator of which may be GABA [13], participate in the formation of the tonic inhibitory response, and, consequently, in the organization of the general reaction of the organism to new stimuli -the(More)
In the first series of experiments, the distribution of the preparation was studied when administered on rat skin. The 2% oxoline ointment (0.01 g, activity 2 ~Ci or 4.4 x 106 counts/min) was applied on the shorn skin of the rat's back, the bandage with the preparation was removed after 15 min and the skin was cleaned with a wad. The animals were killed at(More)