Viktoria Ovchinnikova

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It is difficult and time-consuming to migrate a legacy system to some new platform or integrate it with other software system manually. High-level abstract models (domain models) of the existing software system must be got for further merging with new domain models. TFM4MDA (Topological Functioning Modeling for Model Driven Architecture) is an approach for(More)
The obstetrics histories of all the pregnances were studied, including the deliveries and abortions, the perinatal mortality of fetuses and the frequency of congenital malformations among newborns in 239 repeatedly pregnant women heterozygous for the gene of phenylketonuria (PKU), 40 women with the latent form of diabetes mellitus (LDM) and 96 women(More)
System behaviour usually is modelled with logical operators and triggering conditions on control flows between processes, activities, tasks, or events. This allows branching control flows in order to increase model comprehensibility. In case of Topological Functioning Model (TFM), where system's functionality is represented by causal relations among(More)
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