Viktoria L. Mader

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Klaus Birkhofer*, Eva Diehl, Jesper Andersson, Johan Ekroos, Andrea Früh-Müller, Franziska Machnikowski, Viktoria L. Mader, Lovisa Nilsson, Keiko Sasaki, Maj Rundlöf, Volkmar Wolters and Henrik G. Smith 1 Biodiversity Unit, Department of Biology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden 2 Department of Animal Ecology, Justus Liebig University, Gießen, Germany 3 Centre(More)
Agricultural management and vegetation complexity affect arthropod diversity and may alter trophic interactions between predators and their prey. Web-building spiders are abundant generalist predators and important natural enemies of pests. We analyzed how management intensity (tillage, cutting of the vegetation, grazing by cattle, and synthetic and organic(More)
Hemipteran pests cause significant yield losses in European cereal fields. It has been suggested that local management interventions to promote natural enemies are most successful in simple landscapes that are dominated by large arable fields. We study how farming category (conventional, new and old organic fields) and landscape complexity affect pests,(More)
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