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Although control modes have been extensively studied in IS research, minimal research attention has been directed towards understanding how different control mechanisms operate in software-based platforms. Drawing on self-determination theory and IS control literature, we conducted a laboratory experiment with 138 participants in which we examined how well(More)
Although control mechanisms have been widely studied in IS research within and between organizations, there is still a lack of research on control mechanisms applied in software-based platforms, on which the complex interactions between a platform owner and a myriad of third-party developers have to be coordinated. Drawing on IS control literature and(More)
As the 1992 presidential race went into full swing, Republican and Democratic fundraisers were busy soliciting $100,000 donations from corporations, labor unions and wealthy individuals. This kind of money is supposedly illegal in presidential campaigns, but both parties have found a way to launder it: by channeling it through their state affiliates and(More)
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