Viktor Wendel

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In this paper, we describe a set of personalized exergames which combine methods and concepts of serious games, adaptation and personalization, authoring and sensor technologies. Compared to existing systems, the set of games does not only keep track of the user's vital state, but also directly integrates vital parameters into the gameplay and supports the(More)
Based on previous work of the authors, this paper describes the concept and use of Narrative Game-based Learning Objects (NGLOB) for the personalization and adaptation of Story-based Digital Educational Games (DEG). In the first part of the paper, we characterize the potential of personalized, adaptive DEG and provide a brief overview of related work. Then,(More)
The idea of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is being investigated for more than twenty years. Since a few years, game-based approaches like video games for learning (Serious Games) offer new fields of application. The combination of game-based learning concepts and collaborative learning may enable new, game-based application areas of CSCL,(More)
Collaborative (or cooperative) games became very popular over the recent years. Aside from being received well by players, great collaborative games also offer the potential to train their players’ ability to work in teams. However, some other games include additional players without adapting their design appropriately, which may lead to games where the(More)
The complex multi-hop structure of WMNs requires a careful network planning. In this paper, we investigate the usability of Genetic Algorithms (GAs) for such a planning approach. The simplicity of GAs allow us to examine a large number of network configurations in order to optimize the network throughput and to fairly distribute the resources. This is(More)