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The room temperature oxidation of betulin by Cr(VI) compounds in aqueous acetone on solid supports such as alumina, zeolites and silica gel has been studied. The oxidation on alumina support leaded to a single product--betulonic acid--in quantitative yield. One hundred percent selective oxidation during 30 min of betulin up to betulonic aldehyde was(More)
The role of potential contaminants of design materials and products of space technology--aerobic and anaerobic prokaryotes (myxobacteria, eubacteria, corinebacteria, actinomyces), and eukaryotes (micromyces), psychrophilic, mesophilic and thermophilic forms, chemolythotrophic microorganisms is discussed in this paper. The methods of analysis of microbial(More)
In recent years, it was repeatedly reported (see, e.g. [1, 2]) that a promising direction in the creation and application of new drugs is related to controlled release of the active substance from a polymeric matrix. These medication forms are based on the conjugates of pharmacologically active substances with finely dispersed synthetic polymers (having the(More)
The effect of N-nitrozo-N-methylbiuret (NMB) on various features of Didymocladium ternatum, an organism producing termatin was studied. It was found that the lethal effect of NMB depended on the exposure time, prolongation of which resulted in increased numbers of the plus variants, morphological mutations and reverses into the populations. Variants(More)
Modeling experiments were performed to evaluate bactericide and fungicide effects of small ozone concentrations (0.3 mg/l of water and 47 mg/m3 of air) that can be generated onboard spacecraft following one hour after treatment. Over the period of treatment, reduction in aquatic microorganisms made up, depending on biotest in use, hundred and more times;(More)
An experiment was performed to study the biocide effect of ultraviolet treatment of simulated space station milieu. UV generated by low and moderately power-intensive sources (from 10 W to 1 kW) showed a good promise for decontaminating, within the reach, solid structural materials, and the air and water in the cabin. For instance, within 10 minutes of the(More)
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