Viktor S. Gurov

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The technique of dynamic data masking when compared with traditional data masking allows due to modified database structure to give true or false credible data not for different type (data access level) of information system users but depending on the basis of the individual features of each user being attributed to the same class which is typical to the(More)
This article describes an axially symmetric ion trap with one-dimensional ion sorting ('three-dimensional (3D) monopole'). The mass spectrometer can be created by substituting one hyperboloid endcap electrode with a cone-shaped electrode, the vertex of the cone coincides with the cross-over point of the asymptotes of the ion trap electrodes. The potential(More)
Researches of multilayer nanosized coatings of magnetically operated switches with Rh-Ru-Au-FeNi structure were conducted. Influence of deposition galvanic modes on morphological and physical-mechanical characteristics of coatings was determined. Data on influence of the additional Rh rhodium layer on the life time and contact resistance value of(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel local contrast enhancement algorithm based on preliminary image segmentation. Our algorithm adjusts contrast to individual image regions and applies further weighed least squares smoothing in order to reproduce brightness transitions similar to original image. We also measure region similarity using color and size features(More)
The present paper describes a highly accurate adjustmentless technology of complex contoured electrode systems by the electrolytic formation method which allows producing low mass and dimension analyzers stable to mechanical and thermal effects. The paper describes the technology and experimental data obtained by using of analytical systems developed with(More)
The paper contains results of researches on switching properties of contact coatings based on nanoscale ruthenium films obtained by the electrochemical deposition method. Dependences of contact resistance changes on a number of switching cycles under various thicknesses and roughness of the coating have been determined. The experiment results have(More)
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