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The desires of one sex can lead to deceptive exploitation by the other sex. Strategic Interference Theory proposes that certain "negative" emotions evolved or have been co-opted by selection, in part, to defend against deception and reduce its negative consequences. In Study 1 (N = 217) Americans reported emotional distress in response to specific forms of(More)
The recruitment of trainee surgeons is a demanding topic. Not only the question whether the number of applicants is sufficient but also the selection of the right candidates are of great importance. Therefore, it is of vital interest to establish the occupational requirements and to develop reliable and valid methods for the selection process.
Employees represent an important safety factor in high-reliability organizations. The combination of clear organizational structures, a nonpunitive safety culture, and psychological personnel selection guarantee a high level of safety. The cockpit personnel selection process of a major German airline is presented in order to demonstrate a possible(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper investigates personality traits as potential factors for success in an astronaut selection by comparing personality profiles of unsuccessful and successful astronaut candidates in different phases of the ESA selection procedure. It is further addressed whether personality traits could predict an overall assessment rating at the end(More)
Medizinische Komplikationen und Fehler lassen sich ebenso wie in der Luftfahrt und anderen Hochsicherheitsorganisationen in den meisten Fällen auf den Faktor Mensch als Ursache zurückführen. Umso wichtiger ist die richtige Auswahl künftiger Medizinstudenten und Ärzte und umso wichtiger gerade die Auswahl für Führungs- und Schlüsselpositionen. Hier liegt(More)
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