Viktor Medvedev

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The problem of visual presentation of multidimensional data is discussed. The projection methods for dimension reduction are reviewed. The chapter deals with the artificial neural networks that may be used for reducing dimension and data visualization, too. The stress is put on combining the self-organizing map (SOM) and Sammon mapping and on the neural(More)
In this paper, we present an approach of the Web application (as a service) for data mining oriented to the multidimensional data visualization. The stress is put on visualization methods as a tool for the visual presentation of large-scale multidimensional data sets. The proposed implementation includes five visualization methods: MDS SMACOF algorithm,(More)
The most classical visualization methods, including multidimensional scaling and its particular case – Sammon's mapping, encounter difficulties when analyzing large data sets. One of possible ways to solve the problem is the application of artificial neural networks. This paper presents the visualization of large data sets using the feed-forward neural(More)
Business information systems nowadays should be thought of first of all as the decision-oriented systems supported by different types of subsystems. Multidimensional data visualization is an essential constituent of such systems, especially in the age of growing amounts of data to be interpreted and analyzed. As managers are faced with a federated(More)
Regarding the complexity of actual software systems, including web portals, it is becoming more and more difficult to develop software systems such that their real usage will satisfy their intended usage. To tackle this problem, we can compare the a priori assumptions about how the system should be used with the actual user behavior in order to decide how(More)