Viktor Krasnikov

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In bacteria, proteins are secreted across the cytoplasmic membrane by a protein complex termed translocase. The ability to study the activity of the translocase in vitro using purified proteins has been instrumental for our understanding of the mechanisms underlying this process. Here, we describe the protocols for the purification and reconstitution of the(More)
The results of the study on the influence of carbon dioxide baths differing in the total mineralization levels on the clinical course of hypertensive disease associated with coronary heart disease and on various functional systems of the body. The data obtained provide an insight into the role of salt concentrations (10 and 20 g/l) in carbon dioxide bath(More)
Psychorelaxation therapy based on the biological feedback was given to 43 patients after coronary artery bypass operation. 45 patients after this operation served control. One-month and one-year follow-up showed that patients of the study group had positive changes in the psychological status, they became less depressed and neurotic. Those who completed the(More)