Viktor Karetsky

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A novel in vitro human reconstructed skin micronucleus (RSMN) assay has been developed using the EpiDerm 3D human skin model [R. D. Curren, G. C. Mun, D. P. Gibson, and M. J. Aardema, Development of a method for assessing micronucleus induction in a 3D human skin model EpiDerm, Mutat. Res. 607 (2006) 192-204]. The RSMN assay has potential use in(More)
The upcoming ban on testing of cosmetics in animals by the European Union's 7th Amendment to the Cosmetics Directive will require genotoxicity safety assessments of cosmetics ingredients and final formulations to be based primarily on in vitro genotoxicity tests. The current in vitro test battery produces an unacceptably high rate of false positives, and(More)
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