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The virtualization of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and MIDs offers significant potential in addressing the mobile manageability, security, cost, compliance, application development and deployment challenges that exist in the enterprise today. Advances in mobile processor performance, memory and storage capacities have led to the(More)
The article presents the SMC system. SMC can be used for checking safety and liveness properties of concurrent programs under different fairness assumptions. It is based on explicit state enumeration. It combats the state explosion by exploiting symmetries of the input concurrent program, usually present in the form of identical processes, in two different(More)
In this work, we attempt to alleviate three (more or less) equivalent negative results. These are (i) non-axiomatizability (by any finite schema) of the valid formula schemas of first order logic, (ii) non-axiomatizability (by finite schema) of any propositional logic equivalent with classical first order logic (i.e., modal logic of quantification and(More)
In this paper a strong relation is demonstrated between fork algebras and quasi-projective relation algebras. With the help of the representation theorem of quasi-projective relation algebras, a short proof is given for the representation theorem of fork algebras. Fork algebras, due to their expressive power and applicability in computing science, have been(More)
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