Viktor G Zgoda

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Sequential thin slicing of one-dimensional electrophoresis gels followed by slice-by-slice mass spectrometry to allow protein identification was used to produce a proteomic map for cytochromes P450. Parallel MALDI-TOF-MS and LC-MS/MS analyses were performed. Combination of the two MS methods increased the quality of protein identification. We have proposed(More)
Protein degradation is a basic cell process that operates in general protein turnover or to produce bioactive peptides. However, very little is known about the qualitative and quantitative composition of a plant cell peptidome, the actual result of this degradation. In this study we comprehensively analyzed a plant cell peptidome and systematically analyzed(More)
RATIONALE One of the problems in proteogenomic research aimed at identification of variant peptides is the presence of peptides with amino acid isomers of different origin in the analyzed samples. Among the most challenging examples are peptides with threonine and isothreonine (homoserine) in their sequences. Indeed, the latter residue may appear in vitro(More)
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