Viktor G. Kravchenko

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A quaternionic partial differential equation is shown to be a generalisation of the traditional Riccati equation and its relationship with the Schrödinger equation is established. Various approaches to the problem of finding particular solutions to this equation are explored, and the generalisations of two theorems of Euler on the Riccati equation, which(More)
The method of anomalous viscosity time dependencies (AVTD) was modified for the study of the changes in the chromatin conformational state (CCS) of rat thymocytes of the Wistar line. The response of the thymocytes of male rats to low-intensity millimeter waves (MMW) was examined. It was shown that MMW at power densities (PD) of 1 microW/cm2 produced a(More)
ing approximation methods Pedro A. Santos Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal <> Let L(H) be the C∗-algebra of all bounded linear operators acting on the Hilbert space H and A ∈ L(H) be invertible. Then a sequence (An) ⊂ L(H) tending in the norm to A has the property that there is a n0 such that the operators An, n > n0 are(More)
In [1] a hyperbolic analogue of pseudoanalytic function theory was developed. In the present contribution we show that one of the central objects of the inverse problem method the Zakharov-Shabat system is closely related to a hyperbolic Vekua equation for which among other results a generating sequence and hence a complete system of formal powers can be(More)