Viktor Bojovic

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Disulfide bonds (SS bonds) are important post-translational modifications of proteins. They stabilize a three-dimensional (3D) structure (structural SS bonds) and also have the catalytic or regulatory functions (redox-active SS bonds). Although SS bonds are present in all groups of organisms, no comparative analyses of their frequency in proteins from(More)
SUMMARY Anuran tissues, and especially skin, are a rich source of bioactive peptides and their precursors. We here present a manually curated database of antimicrobial and other defense peptides with a total of 2571 entries, most of them in the precursor form with demarcated signal peptide (SP), acidic proregion(s) and bioactive moiety(s) corresponding to(More)
We describe computational approaches for identifying promising lead candidates for the development of peptide antibiotics, in the context of quantitative structure–activity relationships (QSAR) studies for this type of molecule. A first approach deals with predicting the selectivity properties of generated antimicrobial peptide sequences in terms of(More)
Anuran skin is known to be a rich source of antimicrobial peptides although their therapeutic potential is often limited due to their toxicity against mammalian cells. The analysis of structure-activity relationships among anuran antimicrobial peptides provided the parameters to construct the "Mutator" tool for improving their selectivity for bacterial(More)
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