Viktor A Tkachenko

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Three-wave mixing of ordinary and backward electromagnetic waves in a pulsed regime is investigated in the metamaterials that enable the coexistence and phase-matching of such waves. It is shown that the opposite direction of phase velocity and energy flux in backward waves gives rise to extraordinary transient processes due to greatly enhanced optical(More)
A total of 1055 CHD patients aged 45 to 70 (680 men and 375 women) were examined during physical rehabilitation using tele-electrocardiographic and monitor control in the Caucasian Mineral Waters health resorts. A retrospective analysis of 400 case histories of CHD patients treated in the same sanatoria in 1985 without the use of present-day methods of(More)
Usefulness of double contrast examination in diagnosis of colonic cancer is discussed. As a result of application of the procedure, tumors were detected in 74 patients, including 15 asymptomatic patients at high risk who underwent irrigoscopy in the course of a medical check-up. Examination in a double contrast was found to be of diagnostic value in the(More)
We report the observation of the Fermi energy controlled redirection of the ballistic electron flow in a three-terminal system based on a small (100 nm) triangular quantum dot defined in a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG). Measurement shows strong large-scale sign-changing oscillations of the partial conductance coefficient difference G(21) - G(23) on(More)
This paper describes methods for evaluating energy expenditures associated with terrain cure walking under the assumption of additivity of expenditures involved in walking along flat and rugged terrain. It has been shown that people of different physical fitness have different values of energetically optimal walking speed. The concept of the energetically(More)
In-plane hole g factors measured in quantum point contacts based on p-type heterostructures strongly depend on the orientation of the magnetic field with respect to the electric current. This effect, first reported a decade ago and confirmed in a number of publications, has remained an open problem. In this work, we present systematic experimental studies(More)