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Aim of the study was to compare numbers of episodes of excess hypocoagulation and bleeding with warfarin dosing based on pharmacogenetic testing and traditional method in patients with high risk of thromboembolic complications. In 76 patients (43 men and 33 women aged 60.3 +/- 12.3 years) warfarin was administered starting with the dose calculated according(More)
AIM To assess an association of uric acid level with preclinical target organ damage in patients with hypertensive disease (HD). SUBJECTS AND METHODS The trial enrolled 100 patients (63 men and 37 women) with Stage I-II HD at moderate and high risk for cardiovascular events (CVEs). The mean age of the patients was 44.9 +/- 1.3 years. Their medical history(More)
The Russian Acute Coronary Syndrome Registry (RusACSR) is a retrospective, continuous, nationwide, Web-based registry of patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS). The RusACSR is a database that uses a secure Web-based interface for data entry by individual users. Participation in the RusACSR is voluntary. Any clinical center that provides health care to(More)
During millions years in all animals allantoine (oxidized by uricase uric acid) was catabolite of purines and ascorbic acid was an acceptor of active forms of oxygen. The proximal tubules of nephron reabsorbed the trace amounts of uric acid Then during phylogenesis the primates had a mutation of ascorbic acid gen minus. Later on occurred a second(More)
In this work, we analyze modified bowtie nanoantennas with polynomial sides in the excitation and emission regimes. In the excitation regime, the antennas are illuminated by an incident plane wave, and in the emission regime, the excitation is fulfilled by infinitesimal electric dipole positioned in the gap of the nanoantennas. Several antennas with(More)
AIM To study relationships between nonspecific inflammation (NI) of the arterial wall and its structural changes in Stages I-II hypertensive disease (HD) males at moderate and high risks of cardiovascular events (CVE). SUBJECTS AND METHODS Sixty hypertensive males aged 30 to 65 years (mean age 44 +/- 2 years), including 35 patients with grade 1 arterial(More)
The non-specific systemic biological reaction of arterial pressure from the level of organism. vasomotor center and proximal section of arterial bloodstream is appealed to compensate disorders of metabolism and microcirculation in distal section of arteries. This phenomenon occurs in several cases. The primarily local disorders of metabolism at autocrine(More)