Viktória I. Villányi

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An attribute based encryption scheme capable of handling multiple authorities was recently proposed by Chase. The scheme is built upon a single-authority attribute based encryption scheme presented earlier by Sahai and Waters. Chase’s construction uses a trusted central authority that is inherently capable of decrypting arbitrary ciphertexts created within(More)
A one-time signature scheme using run-length encoding is presented, that in the random oracle model offers security against chosen-message attacks. For parameters of interest, the proposed scheme enables about 33% faster verification with a comparable signature size than a construction of Merkle and Winternitz. The public key size remains unchanged (1 hash(More)
In this paper we describe several one-time signatures and show, by the use of the Merkle tree, that we are able to verify several one-time signatures with one public key. One-time signatures have been the subject of increased attention recently because they have fast verification, their security doesn't rely on number theoretic assumptions, and they appear(More)
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