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An attribute based encryption scheme capable of handling multiple authorities was recently proposed by Chase. The scheme is built upon a single-authority attribute based encryption scheme presented earlier by Sahai and Waters. Chase's construction uses a trusted central authority that is inherently capable of decrypting arbitrary ciphertexts created within(More)
A one-time signature scheme using run-length encoding is presented, that in the random oracle model offers security against chosen-message attacks. For parameters of interest, the proposed scheme enables about 33% faster verification with a comparable signature size than a construction of Merkle and Winternitz. The public key size remains unchanged (1 hash(More)
The problem of subliminal channels in the signatures was already studied in the previous literature. In this paper we focus on the problem of sublim-inal communication through the public verification key. We show a construction which derives a subliminal-free RSA public key. Along the construction we use a computationally binding and unconditionally hiding(More)
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