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CRDT (Conflict-free replicated data type) is a data type that supports conflict free resolution of concurrent, distributed updates. It is often mentioned alongside storage systems that are distributed, fault-tolerant and reliable. These are similar properties and features of Erlang/OTP systems. What distributed Erlang/OTP systems lack, however, is a(More)
Engineering complex business critical systems that should never stop or fail is very much challenging. In Klarna, we tackle this challenge day by day. The secret sauce, which enables us to ensure the highest software quality, is the thorough validation process. However, one must pay the price of such validation process, which is essentially time. In this(More)
In distributed Erlang systems temporary network issues are very likely; and can affect the consistency of the system. If the system is a distributed data store relying on a weak consistency model, its data stored may diverge as a result of connectivity issues. Even worse, there is no indicator of the divergence. In this paper we present our initial work on(More)
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