Vikrant Krishna

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It is well-known that forests play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and the health of ecosystems across the Earth. This important ecological resource is under threat from both anthropogenic and biogenic pressures, ranging from insect infestations to commercial logging. Detecting, quantifying and reporting the magnitude of forest degradation are(More)
Ecosystem-related observations from remote sensors on satellites offer significant possibility for understanding the location and extent of global land cover change. In this paper, we focus on time series segmentation techniques in the context of land cover change detection. We propose a model-based time series segmentation algorithm inspired by an event(More)
This paper presents the improved model of wind hydro hybrid generation system involving an Artificial Intelligence control technique (ANN) in which three phase four wire local loads fed with two squirrel cage induction generators, one driven by a variable speed wind turbine and another driven by a constant power hydro turbine. The proposed system has a(More)
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