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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the performance of domestic water purification units with respect to contaminating enteric viruses. METHODS Eight domestic water purification systems widely used in India were evaluated using hepatitis E virus (HEV) as a model virus. For HEV concentration and detection, membrane filtration and real-time PCR were used respectively.(More)
—For the first time, we report the combined application of a SiGe source and a delta-doped + region in a PD SOI MOSFET to minimize the impact of floating body effect on both the drain breakdown voltage and the single transistor latch. Our results demonstrate that the proposed SOI structure exhibits as large as 200% improvement in the breakdown voltage and(More)
In this paper, they try to represent the importance of communication and interaction between an organization and its clients. Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Model) is a dynamic application that is developed with latest technologies in order to mark a remarking presence of CRM process. This is built as a web application for both the customer and clients.(More)
We present a simple and precise protocol for standard quantum teleportation of N-qubit state, considering the most general resource q-channel and Bell states. We find condition on these states for perfect teleportation and give explicitly the unitary transformation required to be done by Bob for achieving perfect teleportation. We discuss connection of our(More)
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