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The generic quadratic form of even dimension n with trivial dis-criminant over an arbitrary field of characteristic different from 2 containing a square root of −1 can be written in the Witt ring as a sum of 2-fold Pfister forms using n − 2 terms and not less. The number of 2-fold Pfister forms needed to express a quadratic form of dimension 6 with trivial(More)
Let F = K(X) be the function field of a smooth projective curve over a p-adic field K. To each rank one discrete valuation of F one may associate the completion Fv. Given an F-variety Y which is a homogeneous space of a connected reductive group G over F , one may wonder whether the existence of Fv-points on Y for each v is enough to ensure that Y has an(More)
Let f : T → S be a finite flat morphism of degree 2 between regular integral schemes of dimension ≤ 2 with 2 invertible, having regular branch divisor D ⊂ S. We establish a bijection between Azumaya quaternion algebras on T and quadric surface bundles with simple degeneration along D. This is a manifestation of the exceptional isomorphism 2 A 1 = D 2(More)
write time, but at the expense of ~30% increase in area and average leakage power. Thus, 8T-NWRAM is a viable alternative to 10T-NWRAM for performance vs area/leakage design requirement. We also study the impact of supply noise induced clock jitter on NWRAM circuits and propose adequate design margin to ensure bitcell stability.
Low-area energy-efficient security primitives are key building blocks for enabling end-to-end content protection, user authentication, and consumer confidentiality in the IoT world that is estimated to surpass 50billion smart and connected devices by 2020. This paper describes design approaches that blend energy-efficient circuit techniques with optimal(More)