Vikram Singh

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This paper describes our system participation in the SemEval-2017 Task 8 ‘RumourEval: Determining rumour veracity and support for rumours’. The objective of this task was to predict the stance and veracity of the underlying rumour. We propose a supervised classification approach employing several lexical, content and twitter specific features for learning.(More)
With the growing popularity, the number of data sources and the amount of data has been growing very fast in recent years. The distribution of operational data on disperse data sources impose a challenge on processing user queries. In such database systems, the database relations required by a query to answer may be stored at multiple sites. This leads to(More)
Distributed query processing has become essential in today’s scenario to address the changing business needs of users. It aims to arrive at an optimal query processing plan for a given distributed query. This is a complex process as the number of possible query processing plans grows rapidly with increase in the number of sites used, and relations(More)
In [21], Peikert presents an efficient and provably secure set of lower level primitives for practical post-quantum cryptography. These primitives also give the first lattice-based scheme to provide perfect forward secrecy, and thus represent a major advancement in providing the same sort of security guarantees that are now expected for modern internet(More)
This study presents a comparative SWOT analysis to comprehend the pattern of development of ICT within six universities of western Himalayan region of India. With the objective of achieving quality and excellence in higher education system in the region, this study provides a basis to decision makers to exploit opportunities and minimize the external(More)
Primary breast tuberculosis is a rare entity. We are reporting a case of primary breast tuberculosis, which presented as breast abscess. On histopathology, it was diagnosed as breast tuberculosis. Aspiration cytology was not done due breast abscess. Patient was put on anti-tubercular drugs. In follow up, after 3 months patient condition was improved.
BACKGROUND Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine has given great emphasis to the promotion of health. Rasayana is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda which refers to rejuvenant therapy. It has been reported that rasayanas have immuno-modulatory, antioxidant and antitumor functions, however, the genotoxic potential and modulation of DNA(More)
In 2014, Peikert described the first practical lattice-based key exchange that is provably secure and provides perfect forward security. However, his presentation lacks concrete proposals for parameters. We aim to provide a clear description of how the algorithm can be implemented along with some analysis for potential parameters. Previously in 2015, Singh(More)
This paper presents a variation of Apriori algorithm that includes the role of domain expert to guide and speed up the overall knowledge discovery task. Usually, the user is interested in finding relationships between certain attributes instead of the whole dataset. Moreover, he can help the mining algorithm to select the target database which in turn takes(More)
We present a model-based approach for evaluating the potential of innovations occurring in various stages of the industry value chain. The realization of the innovation’s potential is conceptualized as the ability of the de novo firm to achieve the maximum possible efficiency in translating inputs into costreducing output. We apply recent developments from(More)