Vikram Singh Chauhan

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This paper illustrates successful implementation of three evolutionary algorithms, namelyParticle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) and Bacterial Foraging Optimization (BFO) algorithms to economic load dispatch problem (ELD). Power output of each generating unit and optimum fuel cost obtained using all three algorithms have been(More)
Objective: Xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis (XGC) is a rare, unusual and destructive form of chronic cholecystitis. It is clinically indistinguishable from other forms of cholecystitis and hence difficult to diagnose. Due to its propensity to form dense adhesions with stuctures surrounding the gall bladder and mimic malignancy of gall bladder(More)
Vein biometric has been used for personal identity for a long time. Still no standard stable deployed system exists. The main reason for non-availability of the stable systems is that the template is taken in non-laboratory environments. The approaches proposed are very good in lab environment but in real time scenarios do not show the claimed performance.(More)
Navigation in urban environments with standalone GPS is a challenging task. In urban environments, it is probable that GPS signals are being blocked or reflected by buildings. These factors degrade position accuracy. Therefore, it is desirable to augment GPS with another sensor using a sensor fusion technique. The performance of a sensor fusion technique is(More)
Premise and Objective: Elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) has low risk for post-operative infectious complications; still most clinicians use persistent post-operative prophylactic antibiotics out of habit, tradition, or simply as defensive practice due to evolving medicolegal implications of a large number of surgeries being showcased as daycare or(More)
This paper illustrates successful identification of optimal location of STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) on various test transmission networks using evolutionary algorithms namely PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization), BFO (Bacterial Foraging Optimization) and Plant Growth Optimization techniques. STATCOM device is one of the shunt compensation devices(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of short-duration, open-ended ureteral catheter drainage as a replacement to indwelling stent, and to study the effect of tamsulosin on stent-induced pain and storage symptoms following uncomplicated ureteroscopic removal of stones. DESIGN Prospective randomised study. SETTING School of Medical Sciences and Research,(More)
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