Vikram Shankar

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Reliable multicast in wireless applications is gaining importance with the development in technology. Applications like multicast file transfer, distributed computing, chat and whiteboard applications need reliability. However, due to mobility and wireless channel characteristics, obtaining reliability in data transfer is a difficult and challenging task.(More)
Although widely distributed in eukaryotic cells glycoproteins appear to be rare in prokaryotic organisms. The prevalence of the misconception that bacteria do not glycosylate their proteins has been a subject matter of discussion for a long time. Glycoconjugates that are linked to proteins or peptides, generated by the ribosomal translational mechanism have(More)
Advances in semiconductor technology have made it possible to build miniature but reliable biosensors. A network of such biosensors can be implanted in humans for health monitoring and prosthesis. However, such networks are fundamentally different from other wireless networks. They have a continuous but very small source of power. This energy constraint(More)
The in vitro antifungal activity of solvent extracts of Coleus forskohlii, Coleus blumei and Coleus barbatus were compared by testing against some pathogenic fungi like Aspergillus niger, Aspergillusfumigatus, Aspergillus ruantii, Proteus vulgaris and Candida albicans. The petroleum ether extract of Coleus forskohlii and Coleus barbatus exhibited(More)
Tests for antibiotic resistance were carried out on 198 strains of Salmonella typhi and S. paratyphi A isolated from cases of enteric fevers. Their minimal inhibitory concentrations for streptomycin, chloramphenicol, ampicillin, furazolidine and co-trimoxazole were estimated by plate dilution technique. Four strains of S. typhi and one strain of S.(More)
OBJECTIVE   We aim to establish consistent time points for evaluating palatal fistula incidence to standardize reporting practices and clarify prospective literature. DESIGN   An institutional retrospective chart review was conducted on 76 patients with unilateral or bilateral complete cleft lip and palate who underwent secondary alveolar bone grafting(More)
The aim of this project is to design a wheel chair that is to be used by Quadriplegics (handicaps unable to use their four limbs). The wheel chair is based on the concept of the head tilt movement which enables the user to move from place to place easily. There are various sensors used in the entire wheel chair to reduce the errors and malfunctions which(More)
Location management is an essential component of many of the current communication network technologies that provide services to mobile users, e.g., Mobile Internet Protocol (MobileIP) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). The basic operations of location management are the pushing of location information (i.e., updating) and the pulling of(More)
Several potent Aurora kinase inhibitors derived from 5H-benzo[c][1,8]naphthyridin-6-one scaffold were identified. A crystal structure of Aurora kinase A in complex with an initial hit revealed a binding mode of the inhibitor within the ATP binding site and provided insight for structure-guided compound optimization. Subsequent SAR campaign provided a potent(More)
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