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Strategic information systems planning (SISP) is the process of deciding the objectives of computing for an organization and then identifying the applications that the organization should computerize. SISP has become increasingly important as information systems have begun to play a more critical role in implementing business strategies. However, SISP is(More)
1 We refer to these organizations as transnational or multinational. Thus, the terms transnational corporations and multinational corporations are used synonymously. Abstract The objective of this study is to understand the organization of information systems and technology in organizations whose activities cross national boundaries. 1 Access to new markets(More)
The impact of web-based electronic commerce on the process of disintermediation and re-intermediation has been extensively studied. Two major limitations of the existing work are the focus on a single economic measure (i.e., transaction cost minimization) and the examination of channel-structure decisions from only a single perspective (the seller's). This(More)