Vikram Sethi

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The objective of this study is to understand the organization of information systems and technology in organizations whose activities cross national boundaries. Access to new markets for products, services, raw materials, and skills has always been a powerful incentive for organizations to expand internationally. The establishment of global alliances to(More)
The impact of web-based electronic commerce on the process of disintermediation and re-intermediation has been extensively studied. Two major limitations of the existing work are the focus on a single economic measure (i.e., transaction cost minimization) and the examination of channel-structure decisions from only a single perspective (the seller’s). This(More)
End-user computing has been the focus of research for over a decade. Recent studies on end-user computing support concluded that end users are dissatis®ed with the support provided by the information center. In addition to support from an information center, end users seek help from informal sources and local MIS staff. In this study we examine why(More)
Purpose – This study examined how six institutionalized socialization tactics affect a particular occupation of knowledge workers – information technology (IT) professionals’ role adjustment (role conflict and role ambiguity) and organizational attachment variables (job satisfaction, affective commitment, continuance commitment and intention to quit).(More)
Information technology implementations continue to be significant endeavors for both research and practice. Although prior studies have extensively examined user training and user support, a consensus is lacking on their conceptualizations. Prior research has argued for direct, as well as indirect, effects of user training and user support on perceived(More)