Vikram Pakrashi

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Access to the full text of the published version may require a subscription. Abstract: Damage detection and calibration in beams by wavelet analysis involve some key factors such as the damage model, the choice of the wavelet function, the effects of windowing and the effects of masking due to the presence of noise during measurement. A numerical study has(More)
Wireless sensor nodes have a limited power budget, while they are often expected to be functional for a very long period of time once deployed in the field. Therefore, the minimization of energy consumption and energy harvesting technology are key tools for maximization of network lifetime and achieving self sustainability in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).(More)
Wireless sensor nodes have a limited power budget, though they are often expected to be functional in the field once deployed for extended periods of time. Therefore, minimization of energy consumption and energy harvesting technology in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are key tools for maximizing network lifetime, and achieving self-sustainability. This(More)
Understanding of dynamic behaviour of offshore wind floating substructures is extremely important in relation to design, operation, maintenance and management of floating wind farms. This paper presents assessment of nonlinear signatures of dynamic responses of a scaled tension-leg platform (TLP) in a wave tank exposed to different regular wave conditions(More)
Short term forecasting algorithms are widely used for prediction of vehicular traffic flows for adaptive traffic management. However, despite the increasing interest in the promotion of cycling in cities, little research has been carried out into the use of traffic forecasting algorithms for bicycle traffic. Structural time series models allow the various(More)
The process of Nuclei detection in high-grade breast cancer images is quite challenging in the case of image processing techniques due to certain heterogeneous characteristics of cancer nuclei such as enlarged and irregularly shaped nuclei, highly coarse chromatin marginalized to the nuclei periphery and visible nucleoli. Recent reviews state that existing(More)
In recent years, cycling has been recognized by policy makers and practitioners as a sustainable alternative to motorized travel. But a lack of perceived safety associated with cycling may have inhibited its growth as a popular mode of transportation in urban environments. A questionnaire based survey, conducted in Dublin city, found cyclists to perceive(More)
  • V Jaksic, C S Wright, +4 authors V Pakrashi
  • 2015
In this paper, we experimentally study and compare the effects of three combinations of multiple tuned liquid column dampers (MTLCDs) on the dynamic performance of a model floating tension-leg platform (TLP) structure in a wave basin. The structural stability and safety of the floating structure during operation and maintenance is of concern for the(More)