Vikram L. Desai

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The purpose of this paper is to advance research in internal audit (IA) evaluation by developing an IA assessment model that considers interrelationships among specific factors used by external auditors to evaluate the strength of the IA function. The model is based on three factors identified by auditing expression of the model using the belief function(More)
Large multi-echelon inventory systems usually consist of hundreds of thousands of stock keep units (SKU). Calculating inventory policies for each product is a computational burden that necessitates the need for more efficient policy setting techniques that reduce computational time and increases managerial convenience. The main objective of our research is(More)
Self Help Groups (SHGs) are widely recognized as the hubs for information dissemination within villages and entry points for financial institutions as well as consumer goods organizations. However, in practice, operations within an SHG setting are often plagued by existence of highly illiterate population as well as difficulty of reach and connectivity. In(More)
The case describes the presentation of a fit and well 3-year-old boy to the emergency department of a district general hospital after he developed an acute scoliosis overnight. There was no history of trauma, his observations were normal and he had non-specific symptoms of lethargy and reduced appetite, but no fevers or respiratory distress. Bloods showed(More)
The purpose of this paper is to inform practitioners about leading research in the field of internal audit and corporate governance. There has been considerable progress in academic research towards the development of a decision aid for External Audit evaluation of the Internal Audit Function. Desai et al. (2009) developed a theoretical model of the(More)
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