Vikram Kumar Reddy Kodimala

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Secondary structures of ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules play important roles in many biological processes including gene expression and regulation. Experimental observations and computing limitations suggest that we can approach the secondary structure prediction problem for long RNA sequences by segmenting them into shorter chunks, predicting the(More)
The tremendous demand on computer memory and computing time for prediction of complex secondary structures limits the applicability of most RNA secondary structure prediction programs available to short RNA sequences. We propose to approach this problem by segmenting a long RNA sequence into shorter non-overlapping chunks, predicting the secondary(More)
Big data analysis including classification and clustering problems in large-scale distributed structural biology datasets.-Identify recurrent folding patterns in large protein-folding trajectories using hierarchical probabilistic clustering techniques; analyze the method's performance in Parallel MATLAB.-Identify ligands memberships from their geometric(More)
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