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—The next-generation Internet promises to provide a fundamental shift in the underlying architecture to support dynamic deployment of network protocols. With the introduction of programmability and dynamic protocol deployment in routers, potential vulnerabilities and attacks are expected to increase. In this paper, we consider the problem of detecting(More)
The purpose of this paper is to advance research in internal audit (IA) evaluation by developing an IA assessment model that considers interrelationships among specific factors used by external auditors to evaluate the strength of the IA function. The model is based on three factors identified by auditing expression of the model using the belief function(More)
Mobile cash wallet is a concept of downloading required digital cash from banks accounts to his/her mobile memory card and then uses it for various transactions. Mobile cash wallet helps to hide all account details of account holder. Thus for each transaction cash in mobile wallet are used. If more cash required then customer request to bank for transfer(More)
Self Help Groups (SHGs) are widely recognized as the hubs for information dissemination within villages and entry points for financial institutions as well as consumer goods organizations. However, in practice, operations within an SHG setting are often plagued by existence of highly illiterate population as well as difficulty of reach and connectivity. In(More)
The purpose of this paper is to inform practitioners about leading research in the field of internal audit and corporate governance. There has been considerable progress in academic research towards the development of a decision aid for External Audit evaluation of the Internal Audit Function. Desai et al. (2009) developed a theoretical model of the(More)
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