Viki Mitchell

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These guidelines provide a strategy to manage unanticipated difficulty with tracheal intubation. They are founded on published evidence. Where evidence is lacking, they have been directed by feedback from members of the Difficult Airway Society and based on expert opinion. These guidelines have been informed by advances in the understanding of crisis(More)
Tracheal extubation is a high-risk phase of anaesthesia. The majority of problems that occur during extubation and emergence are of a minor nature, but a small and significant number may result in injury or death. The need for a strategy incorporating extubation is mentioned in several international airway management guidelines, but the subject is not(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE For more than 50 yr, uncuffed tracheal tubes have been the gold standard for intubation in children under the age of 8 yr. However, recently there has been interest in the use of cuffed tubes in paediatric practice. This survey aimed to benchmark UK practice with regard to tracheal intubation within specialist paediatric centres,(More)
Down's syndrome is a common congenital abnormality associated with characteristic morphological features, impaired intellectual development and disorders of many organ systems with a broad spectrum of severity. Many of these, including defects in cosmetic appearance, are amenable to surgical correction. The risks of anaesthesia are increased in these(More)
In this study we compared the performance of the single use flexible laryngeal mask airway (LMA Flexible) with the original reusable LMA Flexible in paediatric dento-alveolar day-case surgery. The aim of the study was to determine whether these two supraglottic airway devices were clinically equivalent when used for simple dental extractions in children(More)
Sixty eight neonates requiring total or supplemental parenteral nutrition in the first week of life were randomly allocated either Vamin 9 glucose (n = 34) or MB233G (n = 34) in a double blind trial. Twenty infants were withdrawn: four because they died before 5 days of age and 16 because the amino acids were required for less than the five days of the(More)
BACKGROUND Several videolaryngoscopes are available which may facilitate tracheal intubation in difficult airways. We compared the McGrath(®) Series 5 and the Venner™ A.P. Advance™ (APA) videolaryngoscopes with a Macintosh laryngoscope by studying the performance of experienced anaesthetists using manikins in normal and difficult airway scenarios. METHODS(More)
The effect of oral premedication was investigated in a double-blind, randomised trial in 85 children undergoing tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy. Orally administered midazolam 0.5 given 30 min pre-operatively was compared with trimeprazine 2 given 90 min pre-operatively and a placebo preparation. Compliance, sedation and ease of induction(More)