Vikash Kodati

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Optical spectroscopy and reverse-phase HPLC were used to investigate the binding of Hg(II) to plant metal-binding peptides (phytochelatins) with the structure (gammaGlu-Cys)2Gly, (gammaGlu-Cys)3Gly and (gammaGlu-Cys)4Gly. Glutathione-mediated transfer of Hg(II) into phytochelatins and the transfer of the metal ion from one phytochelatin to another was also(More)
The orientational order as determined by 2H NMR and the infrared frequencies of the C--H stretching modes of the methylene groups have been measured for several systems (POPC, POPC/cholesterol and POPE), all in the fluid phase, and then were compared; this work reveals an unexpected linear correlation between them. This experimental result shows that both(More)
UV/visible and circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy have been used to study the binding of Pb(II) to plant metal-sequestering peptides, phytochelatins (PCs), with the structure (gamma Glu-Cys)2Gly, (gamma Glu-Cys)3Gly and (gamma Glu-Cys)4Gly. Saturation of the Pb(II)-induced charge-transfer bands indicated that both (gamma Glu-Cys)2Gly and (gamma(More)
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