Vikas Vijayvargiya

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This paper for the first time presents a novel, high-performance and robust current feed sense amplifiers (CF-SA) design for small <i>I<sub>Cell</sub></i> SRAM in 20nm Fin-shaped field effect transistor (FinFET) technology. The CFSA incorporates isolated DL current sensing approach which provides the higher Current Ratio Amplification (CRA) factor. The(More)
In this work, systematic investigation of DGTFET have been made by varying different device parameter such as dielectric constant, doping concentration, work function, temperature, and channel length with their variation impact on threshold voltage (Vth). It is also analyzed that while decreasing the value of work function, energy band overlap increases,(More)
Noise margin and delay are main concern to VLSI circuit designers along with the device scaling. Therefore, in this paper, the work on various double gate NMOS structures employing gate and channel engineering like gate stack, halo implant and work function engineering is presented. The comparison of threshold voltage, ON and OFF current of various device(More)
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