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Variations of median nerve, musculocutaneous nerve and their communicating branches are of interest for anatomists and surgeons. These variations may be vulnerable to damage in surgical procedures. We examined median nerve and musculocutaneous nerve concurrently in 58 cadavers, i.e. 116 superior extremities, and found median nerve innervating muscle of the(More)
Mucormycosis is a fungal infection commonly affecting structures in the head and neck, such as the air sinuses, orbits, and the brain. Common predisposing factors include diabetes mellitus and immunosuppression. We describe our clinical experience with four cases of mucormycosis of the maxillary antrum associated with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus managed(More)
We prove that for an irreducible representation τ : GL(n) → GL(W), the associated homogeneous P n k-vector bundle W τ is strongly semistable when restricted to any smooth quadric or to any smooth cubic in P n k , where k is an algebraically closed field of characteristic = 2, 3 respectively. In particular W τ is semistable when restricted to general(More)
Among the inherited bone marrow failure disorders, dyskeratosis congenita is an X-linked inherited disorder arising as a consequence of short telomere and mutations in telomere biology. Production of the altered protein dyskerin, leads to vulnerable skin, nails, and teeth which lead to higher permeability for noxious agents which can induce carcinogenesis(More)
Dry eye syndrome is currently seen with increasing frequency throughout the world including India. An evaluation of tear physiology in the form of tear secretion and tear film stability is the most important aspect of dry eye diagnosis. The aim of this study is to investigate the age and gender related changes in the result of these tear function tests(More)
INTRODUCTION Idiopathic clubfoot is one of the most common and oldest congenital foot anomalies. There are controversies regarding its optimum management protocol and methodologies to be employed for its functional outcome evaluation. This paper attempts to propose a simple, reasonable and easily reproducible technique of podography for clinical and(More)