Vikas Sinha

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To enable efficient fast and easy visualization of blood flow patterns in 4D Qflow MRI we have automated vessel segmentation and flow pattern visualization. The new methods enable flow pattern visualization within 10 seconds. As such, our method allows for routine clinical use for flow pattern visualization.
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In this paper, we have presented the design and evaluation of a compiler system, called APE, f o r automatic parallelization of scientific and engineering applications o n distributed memory computers. APE is built o n top of SUIF compiler. It extends SUIF with capabilities in parallelizing loops with non-uniform cross-iteration dependencies, and in(More)
Dedication To My Parents and Christina ii Acknowledgements First of all, I thank my advisor, Professor Loren Schwiebert, for his guidance and assistance throughout my graduate study. Without his vision and insight, this disser-tation would never be started. Without his research results, invaluable advice, and numerical suggestions, the contribution of this(More)
This report summarizes our current experiences with Automatic Program Parallelization tools for converting sequential Fortran code for use on a multiprocessor computer. A number of such tools were evaluated, including Parafrase, Adaptor, PAT, Petit and the SUIF compiler package. We evaluated the suitability of such tools for parallelizing Computational(More)
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