Vikas Sinha

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Dedication To My Parents and Christina ii Acknowledgements First of all, I thank my advisor, Professor Loren Schwiebert, for his guidance and assistance throughout my graduate study. Without his vision and insight, this disser-tation would never be started. Without his research results, invaluable advice, and numerical suggestions, the contribution of this(More)
The steel industry is one of the most important and vital Industry of the present and the future. It is the asset of a nation. Steel plants use a tremendous amount of water for waste transfer, cooling and dust control. The steel plants have sintering mills, coke plants, blast furnaces, chemical byproducts and chemical processes, water cooled rolls, pumps,(More)
Dedication This dissertation is dedicated to the memory of K. Roy and B.B. Nag. ii Acknowledgments I would like to thank my doctoral advisor, Dr Vipin Chaudhary for his invaluable advice and guidance throughout my graduate career. His vision helped shape a substantial part of this dissertation. My committee members, and Dr Cheng Zhong Xu contributed their(More)
Shorea robusta Gaertn. f. (Sal) is one of the important timber-yielding plants in India, which dominates the vegetation of Terai landscape of Uttar Pradesh state in India forming various communities based on its associations. The present study deals with delineation, mapping and characterization of various communities of Sal (Shorea robusta) forests in(More)
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