Vikas Shukla

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INTRODUCTION Metastatic tumors are the most common intra-ocular malignancies and choroid is by far the most common site for intra-ocular malignancies. Multiple foci are usually involved, and bilateral involvement is frequently seen. The primary sites for choroidal metastasis in decreasing order and by gender are: breast, lung, unknown primary,(More)
Esophageal carcinoma rarely metastasizes to brain. In our center, among 504 cases of esophageal cancer registered for treatment during a 15-year (1990-2005) period, brain metastasis from esophageal carcinoma was detected in only 1 case. An unusual case of esophageal carcinoma that presented with brain metastasis is reported here.
Multi criteria decision making involves evaluation of various alternative solutions upon a set of criteria. The result of multi criteria decision making is the best alternative which secures the highest score with the predefined criteria. Usually, these criteria are weighted in an order to represent their stake in the final selection. In multi criteria(More)
Understanding user needs, requirements, architecture specifications, and design specifications for a system holds up-most importance in a systems engineering project. The early phase requirements engineering deals with elicitation of goals, objectives and environment of the system under development and determine the needs and requirements of the various(More)
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