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Cloud is a large pool of easily usable and accessible virtualized resources (such as hardware, development platforms and/or services). It provides an on-demand, pay-as-you-go computing resources and had become an alternative to traditional IT Infrastructure. As more and more consumers delegate their task to cloud providers, Service Level Agreement (SLA)(More)
With the evolution of Web 2.0, ICT has become the primary need of human beings. There is a gap between the farmers and the knowledge of agricultural experts. ICT can fill the gap between farmers and the experts. In this paper, we have proposed a semantic web based architecture to generate agricultural recommendations, using spatial data and agricultural(More)
INTRODUCTION The estimation of the age of a person has been an archaic exercise, and since decades even dentists have contributed to this science with several methods through radiography. The tooth with its developmental stages provides us with a non-invasive modality to determine the age of the person. AIM To evaluate the reliability of age estimation(More)
The popularity of cloud computing has increased by tremendous amounts within last few years. By replacing huge amount of traditional IT infrastructure in very short time, cloud computing has brought itself to a supreme position in IT industry. Various factors such as easy availability, pay as you use model and cost effective nature of cloud computing have(More)
Frequent itemset mining over dynamic data is an important problem in the context of data mining. The two main factors of data stream mining algorithm are memory usage and runtime, since they are limited resources. Mining frequent pattern in data streams, like traditional database and many other types of databases, has been studied popularly in data mining(More)
In this paper, the concept of traditional genetic algorithm is used in a modified form so as to optimally solve the problem of path planning of a mobile robot where the obstacles are static and predefined. This approach covers various corner of this problem domain and seems to give fruitful results irrespective of the problem setup. This approach is(More)
Grid system is interconnected computer systems where the machines utilize the same resources collectively. Grid computing usually consists of a main computer that distributes information and tasks to a group of networked computers to accomplish a common goal. The goal of Grid computing is to create the delusion of a simple but large and authoritative(More)
Frequent itemset mining over dynamic data is an important problem in the context of knowledge discovery and data mining. Various data stream models are being used for mining frequent itemsets. In a data stream model the data arrive at high speed such that the algorithms used for mining data streams must process them in strict constraint of time and space.(More)
Ontology plays an important role not only for data processing in knowledge based systems but also, provide interoperability in heterogeneous environment and is a cornerstone of semantic web technology. The required technology is used for knowledge representation in OWL/RDF format and facilitate faster access of concepts in domain of interest. Development of(More)