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Mobile phones are becoming increasingly sophisticated with a rich set of on-board sensors and ubiquitous wireless connectivity. However, the ability to fully exploit the sensing capabilities on mobile phones is stymied by limitations in multimedia processing techniques. For example, search using cellphone images often encounters high error rate due to low(More)
The performance measurement revolution started in the late 1970s with the dissatisfaction of traditional backward looking accounting systems. Since then the literature in this field is emerging. Most of the focus was on designing performance measurement system (PMS), with few studies illustrating the issues in implementing and using PMS. Although Management(More)
Pinterest is a popular social curation site where people collect, organize, and share pictures of items. We studied a fundamental issue for such sites: what patterns of activity attract attention (audience and content reposting)-- We organized our studies around two key factors: the extent to which users specialize in particular topics, and homophily among(More)
Over the past few years the grown global competition has enforced the manufacturing industries to upgrade their old production strategies with the modern day approaches. As a result of which, recent interest has been developed towards finding an appropriate policy that could enable them to compete with others, and facilitate them to emerge as a market(More)
—Traffic engineering (TE) has been long studied as a network optimization problem, but its impact on user-perceived application performance has received little attention. Our paper takes a first step to address this disparity. Using real traffic matrices and topologies from three ISPs, we conduct very large-scale experiments simulating ISP traffic as an(More)
In this paper we presents study about how to extract the useful information on the web and also give the superficial knowledge and comparison about data mining. This paper describes the current, past and future of web mining. Here we introduce online resources for retrieval Information on the web i.e. web content mining, and the discovery of user access(More)
The general problem of multiprocessor scheduling can be stated as scheduling a task graph onto a multiprocessor system so that schedule length can be optimized. Task scheduling in multiprocessor system is a NP-complete problem. In literature, several heuristic methods have been developed that obtain suboptimal solutions in less than the polynomial time.(More)
Studies have shown that the recommendation of unseen, novel or serendipitous items is crucial for a satisfying and engaging user experience. As a result, recent developments in recommendation research have increasingly focused towards introducing novelty in user recommendation lists. While, existing solutions aim to find the right balance between the(More)